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Cato Van Ee

One of her favourite modelling jobs to do was for Scapa, and it proved to be a match made in heaven. Ten years later, Cato van Ee is still the face of the brand. A heart to heart with our favourite beauty.

Did you always dream of becoming a model? 'Not really. It was a bit of a coincidence, to be honest. When I was fifteen, I was at the hairdresser with my sister and he referred me to a modelling agency. That's how it all started. I never expected it to be that easy.'

This is your eleventh time posing for Scapa. What was your favourite photo shoot to date? 'My first one! I still remember everything about that day. It was a shoot for Scapa Sports at the beautiful Scapa location. It made a big impression on me. I was so young at the time, I took my mother with me.'

When did your modelling career really start to take off? 'My parents and I both felt it was important for me to finish secondary school. I was eighteen the first time I travelled abroad for a modelling job. From that point on, I worked full time.'

"Thanks to my job I've seen the most wonderful places"

You're now twenty-six. What does your CV look like? 'I'd have to really think about it, because I've done a lot of photo shoots. I've worked with Dutch Vogue and Harper's Bazaar several times. H&M is also a regular client of mine and I've done make-up campaigns for Clarins and Laura Mercier.'

Your job takes you to the most beautiful locations. What's been your favourite so far? 'I've been to Peru a few times and was photographed at Machu Picchu, among other places. It was always a dream of mine to go there. The Amazon rainforest was also an unforgettable experience. I regularly travel to Australia and New Zealand as well. My work with Scapa has taken me to some wonderful places, like Brazil. It's amazing to be able to visit such unique destinations as part of your job.'

Do you enjoy travelling? 'I do. Visiting new countries and discovering new places is energizing. It's really great to meet locals and spend time in nature. But because I travel so much, I also crave regularity and my life back home. So I have mixed feelings really. I know I'll miss travelling when my career as a model comes to an end. It's a lifestyle that really suits me.'

Which destinations would you still like to tick off your wish list? 'India is at the top of the list; I think that would be an amazing experience. Iceland also seems like a wonderful place to visit. What makes my job so great is that everything is arranged for me, down to the last detail: I get to visit a stunning location and then move on. They make it really easy for me. It's different when I travel on my own.'

The clothes make the woman

How would you describe Scapa? 'As a luxury brand. Strong women tend to gravitate towards Scapa. To me, the brand is classic and timeless. Everything you buy is guaranteed to last for years.' Does Scapa reflect your own personal style? 'I think it's slightly more mature than my own style. I love their basics and tend to opt for their trousers, blouses, and scarves. I'd describe my personal style as a comfortable outfit with a leather jacket.' If you could choose one piece from the autumn/winter collection, what would it be? 'The knitted poncho or one of the comfy turtleneck pullovers.'

"Strong women tend to gravitate towards Scapa."

Do you have a beauty ritual? 'Absolutely: I don't do anything at all. I wash my face with soap, cleanse thoroughly, and apply just a bit of oil afterwards. The less you put on your skin, the better. As consumers, we're bombarded with toners and serums, but my skin looks much better when I skip products like that. When I'm not working, I don't wear any make-up at all.' What's your favourite food? 'I prefer my own cooking or my mum's cooking. When I'm in Amsterdam, I love to eat at Toscanini and La Perla, both Italian restaurants. Pizza is my favourite food by far. My work regularly takes me to London and when I'm there I always stop by Momo. They serve delicious North African dishes.' Do you like to go out or do you prefer a quiet evening in a bar? 'To me, the most important thing is listening to music that makes me happy. I love rock music, but I also like house and dance music as well.'

What are your plans for the future? 'When I was eighteen, I never thought I'd still be modelling at the age of twenty-six. I love that I can still do it, but I'm also a realist: in this business, you never know how long your career will last. I hope to keep modelling for the next few years and then settle down and start a family. I'd also love to study psychology. The best part about modelling is making a living doing something you love. There's no pressure to study or choose a specialization. This job buys you time, which might be the greatest luxury of all...'

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