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Matthias Geerts


You're wearing a cashmere sweater from Scapa in this picture. What do you like to pair it with? "You can pair it with so many things. I like it with navy dress pants. To give it my own touch, I wear a white t-shirt with the same neckline underneath. That way you only see a flash of white at the hem. The white socks pick up the same accent. I finish the look with blue sneakers."

Which Scapa item is still on your wishlist? "The key item for me this winter is the dark brown coat. It’s the perfect companion for my favourite colour, navy blue."

How do you describe your style? "I call it casual-formal. Some days I dress up, very classy, but on other days I prefer timeless pieces or even ripped jeans. But mostly I choose a combination of both styles."

What makes or breaks an outfit for you? "I love it when an outfit is well thought-out, with fun details or accessories to complete the look. But if you can tell that too much effort went into it, that ruins it for me."Which details complete your look? “Mostly I like to add a silver watch and silver cufflinks. Shoes are also very important. I love white sneakers but I prefer originality. And I always have a leather backpack with me.What do you reach for when you don't know what to wear? "If I’m not feeling inspired, I look for ideas from other bloggers. Then I go to work with a few outfits that I like and create my own version.


  • Never combine too many colours in one look. Use a maximum of three colours. Choose a neutral like navy, white or grey and add one bright colour.

    Every man needs to have a white shirt, stylish shoes, a camel coat and a cashmere sweater in his closet. Invest in good quality basics.

    Stay true to your own style. Even if you change it up, always strive to be yourself and you’ll feel more confident.


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