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Sofie styles a timeless classic


You're wearing a denim Scapa dress in the photo. How do you add a touch of Sofie style? 'You can style denim in lots of ways, from super casual to super sexy. This dress is a timeless classic and exactly the type of item I want in my wardrobe. It's a versatile basic that can use a bit of jazzing up, which is why I chose a custom-made corset belt and a pair of sexy heels.'

Which Scapa item is currently on your wish list? 'I travel a lot and get cold quite quickly, so I'm always on the lookout for a soft wool blanket. Scapa has a beautiful collection in lovely neutral colours. They're perfect for getting warm and cosy and the restrained colours complement almost any outfit.'

How would you describe your style? 'Feminine with an edge. I like sophisticated outfits that can easily transition from day to night and that aren't too prissy. My days are pretty hectic and involve a lot of different activities, from styling outfits and writing blogs posts to attending meetings and photo shoots. My outfit has to be versatile and flexible.'

What are your fashion must-haves and what won't we find in your wardrobe? 'I have a weakness for colourful handmade items and natural fabrics. I try to avoid mass-produced clothing and synthetic materials at all costs. They just don't make me happy.' How do you accessorize your look? 'I love accessories! My current favourites are statement key chains and lace chokers.'

Even you must have the occasional off-day. What do you wear on days like these? 'I pick out cheerful pieces that are comfortable and flattering, like a brightly-printed pullover, metallic plimsolls, and oversized sunglasses.'


Sofie's style rules

Invest in colour. Look for shades that complement your skin tone and don't be afraid to go bold! Even the smallest pop of colour can brighten up a dark outfit.

Dress for your body shape. The right styling can cover up flaws and highlight your assets. Take a good look in the mirror and ask an expert if you need help.

Don't be afraid to experiment. It takes guts to put together an outfit that wows.

Don't blindly follow the trends; make your own rules instead. Some trends fit your personal style while others may not. Don't be a slave to trends. If it doesn't work for you, skip it. And most importantly: have fun!


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